Gerontology Certificate Program (Sub-baccalaureate)


Elaine Shuey, Speech-Language Pathology (

About the Program

The primary focus of this certificate program is to provide concentrated knowledge in gerontology to supplement the course work completed in the student’s academic major. The Gerontology Certificate Program will prepare students to work directly or indirectly with older adults. The program is open to students in any major.

Program Features

21 credits

Required courses:

(select 15 credits from the following)

EXSC 445Seminar in Adult Fitness Programs

3 credits


HLTH 340Nutrition: Concepts and Controversies

3 credits


NURS 220Nutrition and Diet Therapy

3 credits


HLTH 432Death and Dying

3 credits

HLTH 444Health Promotion Programs and Aging

3 credits


NURS 216Theoretical Foundations of Nursing II

2 credits


NURS 415Nursing Care Simulation III

1 credit


PSY 225GN: Lifespan Developmental Psychology

3 credits

PSY 377Psychology of Adult and Aging

3 credits

RECR 261Leisure and Aging

3 credits

SOC 331Human Behavior and the Social Environment

3 credits

SPPA 321Communication and Aging

3 credits

Additional requirement:

XXXX ____A six credit internship in student major working with aging adults

6 credits


Some students may have to take additional coursework to meet prerequisite requirements for specific courses.

Nursing Majors only:

  • For Nursing Majors only - complete the following (6) credits instead of the six credit internship:
NURS 326Nursing Care of Middle-Aged Adults II

2 credits

NURS 412Nursing Care of Adults with Complex Illness

2 credits

NURS 414Nursing Care of the Older Adult

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